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Case Results

Driver of large box truck claimed our client rear ended his truck. No offer before trial. Jury believed the box truck driver cut off our client. Verdict $125,000.

A jury awarded our client $125,000 in a case where the defendant claimed the collision was our client’s fault because she rear-ended his large, white box truck.

The facts of how the collision happened were disputed throughout. The trial proved once again how important it is that you (1) tell the truth and that (2) the jury believes you.

Our client was a very nice 37-year-old mother of two who lived with her husband and children in Fauquier County, Virginia. She was traveling in the right lane on Route 17 in Fauquier County on her way to pick up her children from school. She saw a large box truck up ahead of her in the right lane going very slowly with its hazard lights on. She moved to the left lane, as she was going the speed limit (55 mph) and knew she would pass him. Just as she got right up to the truck, the driver suddenly moved over into her lane. She hit the brakes, turned to the right to try to avoid the collision, but could not. The defendant truck driver was trying to make a left turn from the right lane so he could use the crossover to go back to the location he had intended to go, but had passed. He told the police officer that he wanted to make a U-turn. He said he did not know where she was and that she was going so fast she came out of nowhere.

Our client suffered a fractured shoulder, broken rib, collapsed lung, back pain and large hematoma on her right leg. Future surgery is probable for a rotator cuff tear as well as to excise a large hematoma on her thigh.

Her medical bills totaled almost $24,000.

Awarded: Verdict $125,000

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