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Motorcycle accident, crushed leg, medical bills >$189,000. $1,100,000 settlement.

Our 29-year-old client, a graduate student at a university, was driving his classic, antique motorcycle on a two-lane road in a small city in Virginia. The driver of a Subaru Outback traveling in the opposite direction tried to turn left across traffic into a driveway and struck the left side of the motorcycle, crushing our client’s left leg and foot and throwing him from the motorcycle. The driver of the car was charged, and there were witnesses to the collision. 

Our client underwent emergency surgery to try to repair the massive vascular damage and reduce the fractures using pins. Only one artery was repairable. The open wound required treatment with a wound VAC for approximately three months. A serious infection developed, and he was put on antibiotic therapy for about four months; it took three skin grafts to get the wound completely closed.  He was not bearing weight even after one year. He required skilled nursing visits to his home several times per week for wound care and physical therapy at home for five weeks.

His foot is now deformed, and he has a noticeable limp when he walks. He anticipates future problems because of the limited blood supply to the foot. He has arthritis that will continue to get worse. He uses a cane for assistance walking more than a few feet.

In spite of the clear liability and extensive, serious injuries caused by the car hitting the motorcycle, the insurance company did not make a reasonable offer to settle until after the lawsuit was filed.

Awarded: Settlement $1,100,000

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