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Ninety-six-year-old pedestrian crossing the street was struck and severely injured by a delivery truck making a left turn on a solid green light. Case settled for $600,000.

He could not remember anything about the incident. The delivery truck driver said our client was walking against the "Do Not Walk" sign. The insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer until after depositions were taken.

Mr. J was ninety-six years old and lived a very routine life. That is, every day his routines were the same. He ate the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner on certain days. Likewise, after breakfast every day, he took a walk, regardless of weather, that did not deviate in any respect. He truly was a creature of habit.

On the day he was injured, Mr. J was taking his usual walk when he was hit by a delivery truck making a left turn on a solid green light. The delivery truck driver said that he did not see the pedestrian, Mr. J, until he had hit him, and that Mr. J. was crossing against the "Do Not Walk" sign. The driver was the only person who gave any information to the investigating police officer about how the accident happened, so the police accident report was totally wrong.

The driver said Mr. J had just stepped off the curb into the street. However, Mr. J's habit was to walk the same two routes. He had a small loop (for rainy days) and a long loop. On neither one of his routes did he cross that street in the direction that the driver claimed he was walking. We took the case because we believed Mr. J.

Mr. J was not expected to survive his injuries. His injuries included pelvic fracture (screws were placed), pulmonary embolism, respiratory failure, closed head wound, traumatic cerebral wound, and heart rate problems. He was in the intensive care unit for over two months. He had a feeding tube while in the hospital and for a few months at home. Once he was released home, he endured four months of at-home nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. In spite of the insurance company saying it would pay nothing, we were able to settle the case for $600,000.

Awarded: Settlement $600,000

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