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Passenger in taxi cab hit by Metro bus suffered a detached retina and herniated discs in his neck lower back. Jury verdict of $495,300.

Mr. V was a 65-year-old passenger in a Red Top taxi cab which was struck by a Metro bus in Arlington, resulting in moderate property damage to the taxi. Plaintiff suffered a detached retina in his left eye, as well as a herni­ated disc at C5-C6 and L5-S1.  A vitrectomy surgery was performed on his eye and Mr. V ultimately developed a cataract in his eye as a result of the surgery. No future surgery was recommended on the herniated discs. The bus company’s orthopedic doctor claimed that there were no herniations present and that plaintiff suffered long­standing degenerative disc disease in both his cervical and lumbar spine. The bus company’s ophthalmologist claimed that Mr. V suffered from pre-existing lattice degeneration in his eye which predisposed him to injury. 

Mr. V had medical expenses of $19,000 and his doctors predicted that he would have future medical expenses of $4,500. The bus company offered $30,000 before trial. The jury’s verdict was $495,300.

Awarded: Verdict $495,300

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