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Self-employed subcontractor severely injured when his truck was T-boned by 18-ton wrecker. Medical bills more than $222,000. Case settled for $800,000.

Our client, who was 23 years old at the time of the crash, was driving a full-size pickup truck in Fairfax County. The driver of a 39-foot-long wrecker weighing 18 tons turned left into our client’s truck and smashed broadside in the driver’s side. Our client suffered multiple severe injuries:

  • 11 surgeries, 9 blood transfusions
  • Permanent rod in left leg
  • ¼-inch discrepancy in leg lengths
  • Foot misaligned
  • Knee problems
  • Drill bit and sponge in leg
  • Permanent scarring of neck
  • Massive scarring of left leg

Our client was a subcontractor in the construction industry who had a good reputation and successful business. He is physically unable to work at the same level he could before the wrecker hit his truck and will have continued treatment for the rest of his life. After the lawsuit was filed, the case settled for $800,000. He was working at the time of his injury, and there was a large workers’ compensation lien on the recovery.

Awarded: Settlement $800,000

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