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Jazz 4 Justice© is a unique partnership between education, music and the legal community.

Jazz 4 Justice©

Jazz 4 Justice© was the brainchild of Edward L. Weiner back in 2000 when he was attending a recital at the GMU Department of Music. He was impressed by the music, but distressed by the small audience. As a Past President of the Fairfax Law Foundation, he saw an opportunity for these two organizations to work together.

Jazz 4 Justice© is truly a unique event. Attorneys, Judges, students, and fellow members of the Northern Virginia community gather in a friendly environment where jazz admirers can congregate and celebrate their love for the music.  The event also serves as one of the Fairfax Law Foundation’s major sources of funding and best ways to conduct outreach about their work.  Proceeds from the evening help the Foundation continue its mission of service to the Northern Virginia community, including providing for student scholarships in the George Mason Department of Music.

The Fairfax Law Foundation and George Mason University Jazz Ensemble will present the Fourteenth Annual Jazz 4 Justice© Concert on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 8:00 PM in the George Mason University Center for the Arts Concert Hall.

This event has received an award from the American Bar Association as well as an award from the Virginia State Bar for being an innovative fundraising program.  Professor Jim Carroll, Director of Jazz Studies at GMU, believes the scholarship made possible by the generous donations of Jazz 4 Justice© have brought a higher level of talent to the Jazz Department. The Music Scholarship fund at GMU assists students who would otherwise be unable to graduate without the financial aid provided. 

Over the years, the Jazz 4 Justice© has raised more than $150,000 for the Fairfax Law Foundation. The Fairfax Law Foundation, the charitable arm of the Fairfax Bar Association, provides an array of educational and charitable services that benefit the Northern Virginia community. It operates a Pro Bono Program that provides legal services for Fairfax County residents who cannot afford to pay for them.  The Foundation also supports Wills on Wheels, the Fairfax Public Law Library, and various educational programs for Fairfax County students, including court tours for all eighth grade students in the County. In addition, the Foundation offers programs for victims of domestic violence and counseling for at-risk teens.

To view an article that was written by the Fairfax Times and re-printed in the Washington Post about Jazz 4 Justice, please visit: http://ww2.fairfaxtimes.com/cms/story.php?id=2366


Event Calendar

Because of Jazz 4 Justice’s success at George Mason University, other universities and local bar associations are being encouraged to foster this unique partnership between education, music, and law. Significantly, James Madison University hosted its 3rd Annual Jazz 4 Justice©, the Prince William County Bar Foundation hosted its 2nd Annual Jazz 4 Justice© at the Hylton Center for the Performing Arts, and Christopher Newport University hosted its Innaugural J4J.

This year, the event will also be performed at the following:

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, September 26, 2015

Fredericksburg/Mary Washington, November 8, 2014

George Mason University/Hylton Center Nov. 21, 2014

George Mason University/Center for the Arts Nov. 22, 2014

Virginia Commonwealth University, February 5, 2016

Christopher Newport University January 31, 2015

Northern Virginia Community College, Schlesinger Center Alexandria, April 7, 2015

Howard University / Washington DC, TBD


If you require additional information about Jazz 4 Justice©, please contact Edward L. Weiner at 703-273-9500. You may also visit www.fairfaxbar.org or contact the Fairfax Law Foundation directly by phone at (703) 246-2740.


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