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Car Accidents

Car Accident Cases

Repairing the Shattered Dreams of a Young Mother

Vanessa and Michael were the proud parents of 9 month-old Tyler, who was about ready to walk, and 6-year-old Mike, Jr. Vanessa had returned to work when Tyler was 7 months old. On a beautiful Sunday in May, Vanessa headed to the local mall buy new curtains for the boys’ rooms. As she crossed through a major intersection, a car on the cross street ran the red light and struck Vanessa’s front passenger-side door, pushing her car into oncoming traffic, where her car was struck again by a truck. Vanessa’s right leg was broken, including her tibia (“shin bone”), which is commonly recognized as one of the strongest weight-bearing bones of the body. Vanessa had several surgeries, including the insertion of a metal rod into her tibia, as well as metal plates to stabilize her leg. She was unable to walk for several months, couldn’t play with her children and missed four weeks of work. Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement of $734,000 on Vanessa’s behalf.

Head On Collision Kills Newly Wed

Sharon and Justin met as undergraduate jazz musicians. After graduating, they earned Master’s Degrees, then returned to the DC Metro area to be closer to their families. They got married and played jazz gigs around the region. One afternoon, Sharon found 2 baby squirrels, which had fallen out of their nest during a thunderstorm. She put them in a box and called a local vet. On the way, the defendant driver hit Sharon’s car head on – killing her instantly. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement of $100,000, the maximum available from the insurance policies. The defendant driver had no assets. Justin chose not to sue him personally.