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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Cases

Seven Year-Old Dies as a Result of Medical Misdiagnosis

Seven year-old Margo arrived at a hospital ER with severe stomach pains. After an X-ray, she was diagnosed with ileus, a general malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract. She was discharged. Her mother brought her back to the ER the following day with worsened symptoms and Margo was admitted. Her condition continued to deteriorate over the next three days. No CT scan, which would have shown the cause of her intestinal problem, was ever performed. On her fourth day in the hospital, her obstructed small intestine, which was twisted shut, ruptured. She died the following day. Attorney Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement of $625,000 for her family.

Incomplete Appendectomy Causes Potentially Lethal Infection

After undergoing a routine appendectomy, Linda continued to have extreme pain in her abdomen. She returned to the surgeon multiple times for follow up, but was told that she was healing. After suffering extensive pain for two months, Linda saw another doctor who determined that part of her appendix was still in place. Emergency surgery was needed to correct the situation. Ed Weiner was able to save Linda the stress and expense of depositions, pre-trial discovery, and court hearings by negotiating a confidential six-figure settlement.

Remembering a Young Woman of "Poise and Purpose"

Laura was a junior in college -- a biology major. Her dream was to become a pediatric dentist. Only Laura’s closest friends knew that she had sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is a blood disorder which reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered throughout the body, resulting in pain and possible organ damage for SCD patients. In the past, most sickle cell patients died early. However, patients of Laura’s generation have close to normal life expectancies due to new treatment options and research in the field of hematology (the study of the blood and blood disorders). In April and May, Laura was seen by her primary care provider for several sickle cell pain episodes, was treated with antibiotics and sent home. Her condition and her pain continued to worsen. After she was admitted to the hospital over Memorial Day weekend, Laura’s health declined, however doctor failed to request a consultation with a hematology specialist for nine days. By then, Laura’s lungs and heart weren’t functioning properly. She died on June 9 -- exactly one month short of her 20th birthday. A confidential settlement was reached shortly before trial.