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Motorcycle and Boat Accidents

Motorcycle or Boat Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accident Cases:

Motorcyclist Struck and Killed After Pulling Over to Use His Cell Phone

Mitchell was an experienced motorcyclist. While travelling on Rt. 66, he pulled off on to the shoulder to make a cell phone call. His flashers were on. The defendant driver, whose eyes had been dilated by her doctor as part of her treatment for cataracts, was “following the taillights” of the vehicle – Mitchell’s motorcycle. She drove on to the shoulder and struck Mitchell. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Ed Weiner negotiated an undisclosed settlement, which included the total amount available from insurance policies, as well as some personal assets of the defendant.

Boating Accident Cases:

Water Skier Loses Arm

Rachel was in the water with her 10 year-old niece, when she noticed that the boat they had been skiing behind was headed directly for them. She called out and waved but couldn’t get the driver’s attention. At the last minute, Rachel pushed her niece out of the boat’s path, however, Rachel’s arm was severed by the boat’s propeller. Efforts to re-attach her arm were unsuccessful. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement on Rachel’s behalf: the insurance policy limits of $200,000, plus the house owned by driver of boat.