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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Cases

Pedestrian Accidents:

92 Year-Old Pedestrian Struck by a Delivery Truck

On Christmas Eve, our 92 year-old client, Nate, left home for his daily ritual -- a 1.5 mile walk. As he stepped off the curb into the crosswalk (on the “Walk” signal), he was struck by a delivery truck making a turn. Nate was critically injured and spent extensive time in the hospital and in rehab before returning home. While he was able to move around his home, Nate was no longer able to go on his daily walks. Ed Weiner negotiated hard with the large international delivery company and got Nate a settlement of over $1 million.

Struck By Car While Jogging

While our 36 year-old client, Cal, was jogging, a passing car jumped the curb onto the sidewalk and struck him. He suffered multiple fractures to his left leg. Before the accident, Cal was extremely active. His injuries have limited his participation in sports and other aspects of daily life. Eugene Miller negotiated a $300,000 settlement for Cal -- the maximum amount available under the motor vehicle coverage.

Pedestrian Injured in Crosswalk

Our client, Lana, was crossing a major intersection in a marked crosswalk with the WALK signal. The defendant was making a right hand turn at the intersection and struck Lana in the crosswalk. Lana suffered a fractured foot, which required surgery, as well as cuts extensive bruising of her hip, ribs and elbows. Attorneys Ed Weiner and Gene Miller negotiated a $150,000 settlement for her.

Bicycle Accidents:

Young Bicyclist Loses Life After Saving Another

Adam, a college freshman, and his girlfriend, Clare, were riding their bikes on the Washington & Old Dominion Bike Trail on a Saturday morning in the spring. The defendant’s car jumped the curb, entered on to the trail and came straight towards them. Adam pushed Clare out of the path of the car, which struck him and crushed him against a tree and killing him instantly. The defendant driver had a long history of traffic violations. Lawson Spivey negotiated a $210,000 settlement on behalf of Adam’s family. This was the maximum amount available from the insurance policies.

Bicyclist Struck by Car

Mike, a student at George Washington University, was biking to class, when an impatient motorist, honked his horn and tried to pass him on crowded K Street in downtown DC. Mike’s bike was forced into a row of parked cars. Mike struck the side-view mirror of a parked car and was thrown to the pavement. He suffered serious knee, back and neck injuries, which eventually required surgery to fuse vertebrae in Mike’s lower back. Attorney Gene Miller successfully settled the case for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 -- the maximum amount available.