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The size of your car can play a role in causing accident injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

There are a lot of different factors that can influence the injuries you might suffer if you’re involved in a car accident. The speed you’re traveling is a big one, as are the safety systems built into your car. Newer cars tend to be a bit safer than older cars, for instance, because they have more advanced safety technology.

One simple thing that can have a big impact on the injuries you could suffer is the size of your car and the size of any other vehicles involved in your crash. If there’s a major difference between the two, it can change the outcome of an accident dramatically.

Travelers in smaller cars face more risks

The fact of the matter is that those in smaller cars are more likely to suffer serious injuries in the event of a collision. For instance, studies have found that oversized pickup trucks pose a disproportionate danger. When these large trucks collide with smaller vehicles, the drivers in the trucks may not even be hurt, but those in the smaller cars could suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Size is also often a factor in collisions with pedestrians. For instance, a pedestrian who is hit by a small vehicle may take most of the impact in their legs. This could result in serious injuries, but they may survive the accident. If they’re hit by a large pickup, however, they’re more likely to be struck in the head or neck. This vastly increases the odds that their injuries will be fatal.

Semi-trucks and underride accidents

Some of the largest vehicles on the road today are semi-trucks. They pose a unique risk in that they can cause underride accidents, which involve a small car getting pinned under a truck. This could happen if a semi-truck is trying to pull out of a driveway and turn left, for instance, but the driver turns in front of another vehicle. That vehicle then strikes the underside of the trailer, drastically increasing the odds of fatal injuries for those in the car.

What options do you have after an accident?

Have you lost a loved one in a car accident or perhaps suffered catastrophic injuries yourself? If so, take the time to look into your rights to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs and much more. By speaking with a legal professional, you can potentially address the financial burden that has been caused by the accident and you can possibly secure some measure of justice.