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Falling Countertops Crush Customer At “Big Box” Store

Shirley was 30 years old, weighed 105 lbs, and was a former gymnast. She was shopping at a Big Box retailer, when five large countertops, weighing more than 350 pounds, fell on her. The countertops had been propped against a wall and were improperly secured. Shirley never touched them. She suffered multiple comminuted (displaced) fractures of her pelvis and her sacrum (lower back). These required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. Shirley had chronic pain and could only walk short distances or sit for short periods. The highest offer from the company’s insurance carrier before trial was $220,000, which Shirley declined. Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey successfully tried the case; the jury awarded Shirley $3,200,000.

Intelligence Officer Suffers Permanent Injuries In Collision

Don’s work in the intelligence community required that he be in top physical shape. At 30 years old, he regularly took a 3-5 mile run before work, biked 5 miles to work, took an intense bike ride with colleagues over lunch, and biked 5 miles home. When a Mercedes SUV, driven by a 17-year-old, T-boned Don’s smaller SUV at an intersection, Don suffered a broken back. He tried extensive physical therapy to avoid surgery, but the pain was too great. When surgeons attempted to fuse his fifth and sixth vertebrae, the surgery was unsuccessful. Medical experts testified that Don was left with an 18% disability and would likely experience pain from his injuries for the rest of his life. Don was no longer able to do fieldwork and was transferred to a “desk job”. At trial, two eyewitnesses questioned by Ed Weiner provided accounts of how the 17-year-old was speeding and not paying attention to his surroundings. The defendant’s insurance company offered $450,000 prior to the trial. The jury awarded Don $2,040,000.

Swimming Champ Suffers Multiple Orthopedic Injuries In Head-On Crash

When he was 56 years old, Peter was ranked third in the U.S. and fifth in the world in his age group for a 50-meter butterfly. He had set a record in backstroke in competition only three days before his car was struck head-on in a collision. Peter’s left leg was badly broken both above and below his knee. Treatment included multiple surgeries to repair his femur (thighbone), as well as placement of a rod and screws to support his shattered ankle. Peter spent months on crutches, in rehabilitation, and in physical therapy. He was unable to swim for more than a year after the accident but set a goal to return to competition. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller negotiated a settlement of $1,400,000 for Peter.

Pedestrian Pinned To Building Wall By An Elderly Driver

Connie was on the sidewalk in front of an office supply store in Maryland, when an elderly driver mistakenly put her car in drive instead of reverse. The car jumped the curb and hit Connie, pinning her against the building. Her injuries included multiple fractures in both her left and right legs, her arm, and her pelvis. The skin on both of her legs was badly damaged. She had to undergo multiple surgeries, including skin grafting. She spent extensive time in a rehabilitation facility re-learning how to walk. Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner successfully negotiated a $1,300,000 settlement on Connie’s behalf.

Commercial Truck Accident Causes Permanent Injuries

James was a passenger in a car traveling through an intersection at a green light. The defendant truck driver was traveling in the opposite direction and was looking at his cell phone. The truck driver turned left, directly into the path of the car in which James was riding. As a result of the collision, James suffered permanent injuries, including fractures to his spine, foot, and knee. He was in a body brace for an extended period and required multiple surgeries. Gene Miller and Ed Weiner negotiated a $1,300,000 settlement for James.

Motorcyclist Killed In A T-Bone Collision

Michael was riding his motorcycle one afternoon. The road was straight and dry. He was traveling within the speed limit and had the right of way (e.g., no lights or stop signs). The defendant pulled out from a side road, directly into the path of Michael’s motorcycle. Michael was killed instantly in the collision. The elderly defendant indicated that he never saw the motorcycle until the moment of impact. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement of $1,100,000 for Michael’s “estate” (his heirs).

92-Year-Old Pedestrian Struck By A Delivery Truck

On Christmas Eve afternoon, 92-year-old Nate left home for his daily ritual — a 1.5-mile walk in Reston. As he stepped off the curb into the crosswalk (on the “Walk” signal), he was struck by an express delivery truck making a right turn. Nate was critically injured and spent months in the hospital and in a rehab facility before returning home. While he was still able to move around his home, Nate was no longer able to go on his daily walks. Ed Weiner negotiated with the large international delivery company and got Nate a settlement in excess of $1,000,000.

$1,000,000 (including 500k from Defendant)

Since childhood, Michel suffered from a genetic neuromuscular disorder, which left him unable to sit upright independently or use his limbs. Through hard work, at 29, Michel had become a successful attorney working for an international bank in Washington, D.C. One evening, Michel was traveling the few blocks home from work, crossing a street in a crosswalk in his motorized wheelchair. His mother, Isabelle, who also worked at the bank, was walking near him. A Ferrari, traveling on a side street, suddenly turned the corner and struck both Michel and Isabelle, knocking them to the ground. Michel suffered a hip fracture, which was inoperable due to his underlying health condition. Isabelle’s shoulder was badly fractured and required extensive physical therapy. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller successfully reached a $1,000,000 settlement at mediation, with payment coming from the defendant driver’s insurance company, as well as the personal assets of the driver.

Drunk Driver’s Actions Result In Coma And Death

Richard was making a quick trip to the bank when a drunk driver pulled out directly in front of him from a side street. Richard couldn’t stop in time and the two cars collided. While initially, Richard seemed fine, he collapsed at the scene just after EMTs arrived. At the hospital, Richard fell into a coma from internal injuries and brain damage. The doctors were clear that he would not regain consciousness. Six days later, his wife, Linda, had to make the hardest of decisions — to withdraw Richard from life support. Richard was 79 and had been in good health and had a fairly active lifestyle. Lawson Spivey negotiated multiple settlements for Richard’s wife: $25,000, which was the entire amount of the drunk driver’s auto insurance policy; and $800,000 in “under-insured” motorist coverage (UIM) from Richard and Linda’s own policy.

Man Driving Commercial Truck Causes Crash

Juan’s car was T-boned, when the driver of a commercial truck attempted to make a left-hand turn without the right of way. Juan suffered a severe fracture of his femur (thighbone). Through mediation, Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement of $800,000 for Juan.

Repairing The Shattered Dreams Of A Young Mother

Vanessa and Michael were the proud parents of a 6-year-old boy and his 9-month-old brother, who was about ready to walk. Vanessa had returned to work when the baby, Tyler, was 7 months old. One Sunday in May, Vanessa went to the local mall to buy new curtains for the boys’ rooms. As she crossed through a major intersection, a car on the cross street ran the red light and struck Vanessa’s front, passenger-side door — pushing her car into oncoming traffic, where her car was struck again by a truck. Vanessa’s right leg was broken, including her tibia (shin bone), which is commonly recognized as one of the strongest weight-bearing bones of the body. Vanessa had several surgeries, including the insertion of a metal rod into her tibia, as well as metal plates to stabilize her leg. She was unable to walk for several months and missed four weeks of work. Vanessa was devastated not to be able to pick up her baby or actively play with her children. Vanessa informed Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey that she did not want to go to trial. They negotiated a settlement of $734,000 on Vanessa’s behalf.

Principal Of A School For Disabled Children Killed After Truck Failed To Yield

Sara was a retired college professor and principal of a school for disabled children. Though she was 87, Sara was very active. She had recently won an award for volunteer tutor of the year and took Pilates classes every week. She was very involved with her loving family of grown children and grandchildren. Sara was returning home from lunch with a dear friend when a commercial truck made a left turn without yielding and crashed into her car. Sara died just before the ambulance arrived; a police officer was holding her hand. After an initial offer from the insurance carrier of $300,000, Ed Weiner, Gene Miller and Paul Pearson negotiated a settlement just before the trial of $625,000.

Seven-Year-Old Dies As A Result Of Medical Misdiagnosis

Seven-year-old Margo arrived at a hospital ER with severe stomach pains. After an X-ray, she was diagnosed with ileus, a general malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and was discharged. The following day, Margo’s symptoms were worse and her mother brought her back to the ER. Margo was admitted to the hospital; however, her condition continued to deteriorate over the next three days. No CT scan, which would have shown the cause of her intestinal problem, was ever performed. On her fourth day in the hospital, Margo’s small intestine, which was twisted shut, ruptured. She died the following day. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement of $625,000 for her family.

Fraternity “Shuttle Driver” Rolls Car, Injures Passenger

Helen, a college freshman in Virginia, had received a large scholarship for rowing. One Saturday night, Helen was invited to a party at a fraternity, which ran a “shuttle service” to transport students to their off-campus parties. The shuttle drivers were all students and members of the fraternity and drove their personal vehicles. Helen’s “shuttle driver” drove recklessly and rolled his car. Helen was ejected from the car and landed approximately 12 feet away. While it was fortunate that she survived, Helen suffered serious internal and orthopedic injuries. She was forced to give up her rowing scholarship. The fraternity denied all responsibility and refused to negotiate a settlement. Ed Weiner, Lawson Spivey, and Mike Brown took Helen’s case to trial and won a $600,000 jury verdict. Weiner, Spivey & Miller also worked with the university to put tighter procedures in place for non-university “shuttles”.

Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk By Drunk Driver

Amanda, 60 years old, was an avid runner and participated in marathons periodically. Her work as a military contractor involved extensive international travel. She and her husband were walking in a crosswalk in Old Town Alexandria when Amanda was struck by a car. She suffered fractures to her tibia and fibula, just below her left knee, as well as nerve damage in her left leg. The defendant had been drinking at a nearby restaurant. He made a sudden left turn to avoid a traffic light that had just turned red a block ahead. Allegedly, his headlights were not on. The driver was charged with DUI. The accident had a significant impact on Amanda’s mobility. The highest offer from the defendant’s insurance company was $240,000. Gene Miller and Ed Weiner tried the case. The jury awarded Amanda $550,000.

Dog Bites Pool Repair Man

When Phil arrived to inspect and repair a pool house, the property owner escorted him into a fenced area in the back of the house. The owner’s dog, which the owner knew to be dangerous and had the propensity to bite strangers, was loose. The dog attacked and bit Phil, causing severe lacerations to his hand and arm, as well as significant infections. Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner successfully negotiated a $500,000 settlement on Phil’s behalf through the defendant’s homeowner’s policy.

Unsafe Construction Practices Results In Loss Of Life

In preparation for a family wedding, Gill and his wife hired a design and construction company to install an additional staircase between their first and second floors. The construction company failed to properly cover and secure the opening on the second level floor during remodeling. Gill fell through the hole and died the next day from his injuries. The family privately shared with Ed Weiner that they did not want to go to trial. Ed and Lawson Spivey negotiated a $500,000 settlement on their behalf.

Taxi Passenger Receives Jury Award For Injuries From Collision

Walter was a passenger in a taxicab, which was struck by a Metro bus. Walter suffered a detached retina in his left eye and two herniated discs in his back. Surgery was required to repair his eye but ultimately resulted in the formation of a cataract. There was an offer of $30,000 before trial, but Walter declined and Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey moved forward with the trial. The jury awarded Walter $495,000.

Septic Company Held Liable For Crash

Samuel’s car was T-boned (struck broadside) when the defendant driver of a tanker truck ran a red light and collided with Samuel’s car. He suffered severe back and neck injuries. He was in significant pain, his doctors advised against surgery. The final offer from the defendant’s insurance company was $100,000. At trial, Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey were able to show the jury that the defendant septic company had a long history of poorly-maintained vehicles. At the conclusion of the trial, a jury awarded Samuel $390,000, which included punitive damages due to the company’s poor maintenance of their vehicles.

Struck By Car While Jogging

While our 36-year-old client, Cal, was jogging, a passing car jumped the curb onto the sidewalk and struck him. Cal suffered multiple fractures to his left leg. Before being injured, he was extremely active. Cal’s injuries have limited his participation in sports and other aspects of daily life. Gene Miller negotiated a $300,000 settlement for Cal — the maximum amount available under the motor vehicle coverage of the defendant driver.

Oncoming Driver Loses Control After Risky Move

Lori was 49 years old and was a professional dog walker. She had clients across Metro D.C. On a cold January evening, Lori was driving on MacArthur Boulevard in Maryland. Traveling in the opposite direction was a young man in a hurry. After using a curb-side parking lane to pass traffic, he lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center double yellow line, and plowed into the front corner of Lori’s car. The impact was so severe that both cars were totaled. Lori suffered fractures of both bones of her lower left leg, a right knee sprain, and a contusion of her right hand. Her leg fractures required surgery, followed by 8 1/2 months of physical therapy. She missed more than 3 months of work. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller were able to obtain the other defendant driver’s entire policy limits of $300,000, as well as over $48,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) benefit through Lori’s own auto insurance policy

Defendant Driver Claims Coughing Fit As Cause Of Accident

Bradley was a married father of two. He had been a teacher in the Fairfax County Public Schools for over 20 years. Outside of work, he enjoyed running and coaching his son’s baseball team. While driving home from school one day, Bradley was struck head-on by a driver whose car had jumped the median from the on-coming lanes. Bradley suffered a fractured ankle, which made it difficult for him to stand all day at school. The other driver claimed that he had suffered a coughing fit so intense that it made him pass out. Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner took Bradley’s case to trial. The jury sided with Bradley, awarding him $275,000, which was more than the other driver’s policy limits.

Man Hit by Car While Counter-Protesting White Supremacists In Charlottesville

Sayeed was 20 years old in August 2017. He was a peaceful participant in a counter-demonstration at the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. James Alex Fields intentionally drove his car into the crowd, killing Rose Heyer. Sayeed and 28 others were injured. Sayeed’s right leg was shattered. During surgery, doctors used metal plates and screws to rebuild the broken areas of his leg. Sayeed spent the next four months in physical therapy and occupational therapy. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement for Sayeed of $250,000, the maximum available from insurance.

Woman Hurt On Bus When Wheelchair Tips Over

Though Violet was 74 years old and had been in a wheelchair for several years, she remained active. She loved to cook and grew beautiful indoor plants and flowers. Violet was a frequent client of a local van service, which specialized in transporting clients in wheelchairs. During a trip with her husband for a doctor’s appointment, Violet’s wheelchair fell over after the driver failed to secure it properly. Violet suffered fractures to her right orbital bone (around her eye) and to her hip. The break in her hip could not be surgically repaired. It caused Violet permanent pain, which could only be treated with powerful narcotic medication. The final offer from the van service’s insurance company before trial was $50,000. Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner tried the case. The jury awarded Violet $250,000.

Woman Mauled By Dog

Rose, 69, loved walking in her neighborhood. As she left her home one afternoon, she was attacked and mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull, which had a long history of getting loose. The dog bit Rose on her neck, ear, upper arm, forearm, and hand. Some of the bites were so savage that they exposed the underlying muscle. Rose received over 100 stitches and required extensive physical therapy and psychotherapy to recover from her injuries. After extensive negotiations by Gene Miller with the dog owner’s insurance company, Rose received a settlement of $225,000 through the dog owner’s homeowner’s policy.

Plaintiff Prevails Against Defendant’s “Sudden Illness” Defense

Jane had just reached a stop sign at an intersection when a car came from a side road and struck her car. Jane’s ribs were broken. She suffered a concussion, cuts, and severe bruises to her head. The defendant claimed that he had blacked out and could not recall the accident. A pre-trial offer of $40,000 was made by the defendant’s insurance carrier. Jane declined the offer. Gene Miller took her case to trial, where the jury awarded Jane $214,000.

Young Bicyclist Loses Life After Saving Another

Adam, a college freshman, and his girlfriend, Clare, were riding their bikes on the Washington & Old Dominion Bike Trail on a Saturday morning in the spring. The defendant’s car jumped the curb, entered the trail, and came straight toward them. Adam pushed Clare out of the path of the car, which then struck Adam and crushed him against a tree, killing him instantly. The defendant driver had a long history of traffic violations. Lawson Spivey negotiated a $210,000 settlement on behalf of Adam’s family. This was the maximum amount available from the insurance policies. The defendant had no personal assets to pursue.

Woman Stepped On Unsecured Water Meter Cover

Jean was an event planner, specializing in the organization of large festivals. While walking her dog before work one morning, she stepped on a small water meter access cover in the grass median near the curb. The metal cover was not properly secured. It flipped to the side, causing Jean’s foot to fall through and hit the pipes below. The bones of her four smaller toes were broken off from the connecting bones of her mid-foot. Jean underwent surgery to re-attach her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th metatarsal bones, followed by extensive physical therapy. She had ongoing, permanent pain after the accident and could no longer stand for extended periods of time. The local water company initially denied the claim. Ed Weiner and Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement of $205,000 for Jean.

$200,000 + House Owned By Driver Of Boat
Boat Propeller Severs Water Skier’s Arm

Rachel was in the water with her 10-year-old niece, when she noticed that the boat they had been skiing behind was headed directly for them. She called out and waved, but couldn’t get the driver’s attention. Rachel pushed her niece out of the boat’s path, however, Rachel’s arm was severed by the boat’s propeller. Efforts to re-attach her arm were unsuccessful. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement on Rachel’s behalf for the insurance policy limits of $200,000, plus the house owned by the driver of the boat.

Rear-End Crash Causes Further Injury

Louis, a 66-year-old gentleman with a long history of back problems, was waiting at a red light in Manassas when he was struck from behind by a driver who was looking at his GPS. The impact tore a disc in Louis’ back, resulting in nerve compression and pain. Louis tried physical therapy and spinal injections, but nothing helped. He underwent amniotic surgery to relieve the pressure in his vertebral canal which had been causing him significant pain. Just prior to a 3-day trial, Ed Weiner was able to negotiate settlements for Louis totaling $165,000.

Rear-End Crash In Shenandoah County Results In Surgery

While stopped to make a turn on a two-lane road, Sean was rear-ended by a driver traveling at approximately 45 m.p.h. Sean was initially treated at the ER for a strained back and shoulder, but a week later developed weakness and tingling in his right arm, headaches, and dizziness. Physical therapy, spinal injections, medicine, and Botox injections were unsuccessful in treating his pain and arm symptoms. He was eventually diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome (when the blood vessels or nerves in the space between the collarbone and first rib are compressed). Surgery was performed to remove his first rib which resolved most of his symptoms. The day before trial, Ed Weiner successfully settled Sean’s case for a total of $175,000: the $100,000 policy limits of the defendant driver’s insurance company, plus $75,000 from Sean’s own underinsured motorist coverage on his auto policy.

Rear-Ender Leads to Torn Disc and Back Surgery

Louis, a 66-year-old gentleman with a long history of back problems, was waiting at a red light in Manassas when he was struck from behind by a driver who was looking at his GPS. The impact tore a disc in Louis’ back, resulting in nerve compression and pain. Louis tried physical therapy and spinal injections, but nothing helped. He underwent amniotic surgery to relieve the pressure in his vertebral canal which had been causing him significant pain. Just prior to a 3-day trial, Ed Weiner was able to negotiate settlements for Louis totaling $165,000.

Fraternity Held Liable For Misconduct

Richard, a college sophomore, wanted to join a fraternity on his campus in Northern Virginia. During fraternity “hazing”, Richard and other “pledges” were driven from Fairfax to campus in Charlottesville for a middle-of-the-night “race.” The pledges were not told that the hill they would run down was terraced — with a major drop-off — which could not be seen in the dark. Richard fell and fractured his femur (thigh bone). Surgery and rehabilitation were required. The fraternity initially denied any liability, but Ed Weiner and Mike Brown negotiated a $155,000 settlement for Richard.

Pedestrian Injured In Crosswalk

Lana was crossing a major intersection in the crosswalk. She had the “Walk” signal. The defendant driver was making a right-hand turn at the intersection and struck Lana. She suffered a fractured foot, which required surgery, as well as cuts and extensive bruising of her hip, ribs, and elbows. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller negotiated a $150,000 settlement for her.

Grandmother Injured In Head-On Collision

Julia, age 70, had traveled from South Carolina to visit her grandchildren in Loudoun County. She was a passenger in her son’s car, which was stopped at a red light, when a car traveling in the opposite direction slammed into her son’s car head-on, forcing it back into the car behind it. The at-fault driver claimed a “sudden medical emergency.” Julia suffered fractures to her sternum and two lumbar vertebrae. She had to wear a back brace for 4 months. Paul Pearson negotiated two settlements for Julia: $25,000 from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy, and $115,000 from Julia’s own policy.

Fall In Grocery Store Results In Permanent Injury

Chelsea slipped and fell on a wet floor in the refrigerated aisle of a grocery store. A store employee had been seen stocking refrigerated products at the exact same location, immediately before Chelsea fell. There were no “floor cones” or warning signs. Chelsea’s injuries included a severe wrist fracture, which resulted in some permanent loss in her range of motion. After Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner won Chelsea’s trial, the defendant grocery store company appealed the case to the Virginia Supreme Court and lost. The jury’s $135,000 award to Chelsea was upheld.


Sofia was an elderly and beloved “lunch lady” at a local middle school. She was crossing the street in the crosswalk on her way to work early one morning when she was struck by a car and thrown into oncoming traffic. Sofia was struck by two additional vehicles and was killed. The driver of the first car was a high school student, who “never saw Sofia – at all”. The Police Crash Report later indicated the student was “daydreaming”. Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement on behalf of Sofia’s “estate” of $125,000, which was, unfortunately, the total amount of available through the insurance policy of the driver who struck her initially.

Driver In Reverse Front-Ends Car Behind

Kristen, a 49-year-old paralegal, and weapons instructor was a passenger in a vehicle stopping at a traffic signal in Reston. She was on her way to her second side job as a pet sitter. When the driver of the car in front of her did not stop in time, he rear-ended the vehicle in front of him. In a panic, he reversed quickly and struck the front of Kristen’s car. The impact caused Kristen’s hand to fly forward and strike the gear shift. She suffered a torn tendon in her left hand and a labral tear in her left shoulder which required surgery. During depositions, the defendant driver offered inconsistent and unbelievable testimony. Gene Miller negotiated a settlement of $125,000 for Kristen.

Rear-Ended By Distracted Nanny

Cathy, age 40, was badly injured when the car she was driving was struck from behind on Route 66, not once, but twice by the same driver. The defendant driver, a young woman filling in for the regular nanny, was distracted by one of her charges in the back seat. After the collision, Cathy suffered pain in her neck and shoulder, which eventually began to radiate down her arm. Despite physical therapy and a series of injections, Cathy had to undergo a two-level discectomy and fusion with spacers, plates, and screws in order to relieve her symptoms. Cathy’s case settled for $100,000, the total amount available from the defendant driver’s auto insurance.

Rear-Ended By Uninsured Driver

Deanna was rear-ended on Route 7 in Great Falls by a driver who was talking on his cell phone. The police charged the other driver with failure to properly maintain control, as well as driving without a license and driving an uninsured vehicle. Fortunately, Deanna had the foresight to purchase uninsured motorist coverage on her auto insurance policy. Ed Weiner and Paul Pearson obtained a $110,000 settlement to compensate Deanna for the injury she sustained to her lower back.

Student Cyclist Struck By Passing Car

Mike, a student at George Washington University, was biking to class, when an impatient motorist, honked his horn and tried to pass him on crowded K Street in downtown D.C. Mike was forced into a row of parked cars, where he struck the side-view mirror of a parked car and was thrown from his bike to the pavement. He suffered serious knee, back and neck injuries, which eventually required surgery to fuse vertebrae in Mike’s lower back. Attorney Gene Miller successfully settled the case for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 — the maximum amount available from the defendant driver’s insurance policy, supplemented by Mike’s insurance policy.

Tragic Crash While Brother At The Wheel

Andres, a 42-year-old married father of five, was a hard worker who loved to play soccer on Sundays. Andres was a passenger in his brother’s car after a game, when his brother, who driving under the influence, lost control of his car and crossed the median. Their car was struck by a driver heading in the opposite direction. Andres was killed. Ed Weiner obtained a settlement for $100,000 –the total amount available from all auto insurance policies. Ed then guided the family through court approval of the distribution of funds for Andres’ dependents.

Head-On Collision Kills Newlywed

Sharon and Justin met as undergraduate jazz musicians. After graduating, they earned Master’s Degrees, then returned to the DC Metro area to be closer to their families. They got married and played jazz gigs around the region. One afternoon, Sharon found 2 baby squirrels, which had fallen out of their nest during a thunderstorm. She put them in a box and called a local vet. On the way, Sharon’s car was hit head-on – killing her instantly. Ed Weiner negotiated a settlement of $100,000, the maximum available from the insurance policies. The defendant’s driver had no assets. Justin chose not to sue him personally.

Music Teacher T-Boned By Dump Truck

Matthew, a music teacher, was stopped at a traffic light in Sterling, Virginia. When his light turned green, he and another driver next to him turned side-by-side onto Route 7. A dump truck belonging to a landscaping company ran a red light and struck the other turning car, which was then forced into Matthew’s car. Matthew was hospitalized overnight, eventually being diagnosed with a concussion, abdominal contusions, and a bruised kidney. Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement of $100,000 to compensate Matthew for his injuries.

High-Schooler Crashes Into Car After Failing To Clear Frost From Windshield

Jenny, a manager at a local pharmacy, was on her way to work one morning. She was crossing Fairfax Boulevard on a green light when she was T-boned at full speed by a 17-year-old on his way to school and who had run the light. Jenny’s car was pushed into on-coming traffic and was struck again. Jenny hit her head and received lacerations on her face from broken glass. Her collar bone was fractured. She suffered a concussion and missed a substantial amount of time from work. The Police Crash Report noted that the 17-year-old hadn’t seen Jenny because he hadn’t cleaned the frost from his windshield. Lawson Spivey and Paul Pearson successfully negotiated a settlement for Jenny of $97,500 and spared her the expense of going to trial.

Home Owners Association Responsible For Fall On Icy, Untreated Parking Lot

It had snowed in Gail’s neighborhood. While her community’s parking lot had been plowed, the snow was left in piles around the community mailboxes. Neither salt nor sand was spread on the exposed pavement. The next morning, when Gayle was going back inside after getting her mail, she slipped and fell on black ice, fracturing her right wrist. Gayle had surgery 5 days later, followed by physical therapy. She missed significant amounts of time from her job as a court reporter. Lawson Spivey negotiated a settlement of $90,000 for Gail from the Home Owners Association.

Multi-Vehicle Collision Results In Pelvic Fractures

Elena was driving her 17-year-old son to school as she often did. This particular morning, however, the glare of the sun was so bright that she had to slow her vehicle and ended up being rear-ended by another sun-blinded driver. Elena and the other driver got out and began to exchange information while standing to the left of the vehicles on the side of the road. Suddenly, a third vehicle, traveling at a high rate of speed, crashed into the last of the two stopped vehicles, causing it to lurch to the left and strike Elena, slamming her violently onto the pavement. Elena was transported by helicopter to Inova Fairfax Hospital with serious trauma, including fractures of her pelvis, 4th lumbar vertebra, and clavicle. Paul Pearson and Michael Brown obtained settlements for Elena from each of the defendants, for a total of $90,000, the total amount available from auto insurance policies.

Confidential Settlement
Poor Medical Care Takes A Young Woman’s Life

Laura was a junior in college — a biology major. Her dream was to become a pediatric dentist. Only Laura’s closest friends knew that she had sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is a blood disorder that reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered throughout the body, resulting in pain and possible organ damage. In the past, most sickle cell patients died young. However, patients of Laura’s generation have close to normal life expectancies due to new treatment options and research in the field of hematology (the study of the blood and blood disorders). In April and May, Laura was seen by her primary care provider for several sickle cell pain episodes, was treated with antibiotics, and sent home. Her condition and her pain continued to worsen. After she was admitted to the hospital over Memorial Day weekend, Laura’s health declined, however, the doctor failed to request a consultation with a hematology specialist for nine days. By then, Laura’s lungs and heart weren’t functioning properly. She died on June 9 — exactly one month short of her 20th birthday. Ed Weiner negotiated a confidential settlement on behalf of Laura’s family shortly before trial.

Failure to Diagnose Results In Leg Amputation

While hospitalized after surgery, Charlie called for nurses because his lower left leg felt cold. The nurses reported to two different doctors that Charlie was losing sensation in his leg. Both failed to diagnose that a large clot had lodged in an artery. The prolonged lack of blood flow to his leg resulted in the tissue becoming necrotic, necessitating the amputation of Charlie’s left leg. A confidential settlement in excess of $1,000,000 was negotiated by Ed Weiner on Charlie’s behalf.

Confidential Settlement
Motorcyclist Struck And Killed After Pulling Over To Use His Cellphone

Lawrence was an experienced motorcyclist. While traveling on Rt. 66 one evening, he pulled off on to the shoulder to make a cell phone call. His flashers were on. The defendant driver, whose eyes had been dilated by her doctor as part of her treatment for cataracts, was “following the taillights” of the vehicle ahead of her – Lawrence’s motorcycle. She drove onto the shoulder and struck Lawrence. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. On behalf of Lawrence’s “estate” (heirs), specifically his 4-year-old daughter, Ed Weiner negotiated a confidential settlement in the high six figures, which included the total amount available from insurance policies, as well as some personal assets of the defendant.

Confidential Settlement
Illegal Left Turn by Rideshare Vehicle Injures Motorcyclist

Jimmy had the right of way (green light), while riding his motorcycle through an intersection in Richmond. A rideshare driver, traveling in the opposite direction, made an illegal left turn directly in front of Jimmy. The collision launched Jimmy into the air. He hit the ground and skidded, finally stopping 40 feet from the crash site. Jimmy suffered multiple fractures to his thighbone and ankle, which required the surgical insertion of screws and plates, followed by months of physical therapy. Jimmy’s case was settled at mediation for a significant, confidential sum.

Confidential, Six-Figure Settlement
Incomplete Appendectomy Causes Potential Lethal Infection

After undergoing a routine appendectomy, Linda was discharged from the hospital. She continued to have extreme pain in her abdomen and returned to the surgeon multiple times for follow up. Each time, the surgeon told her that she was “still healing”. After suffering extensive pain for two months, Linda saw another doctor who determined that part of her appendix was still in place. Emergency surgery was needed to correct the situation. Linda told Ed Weiner that she preferred not to go to trial. Ed saved Linda the stress and expense of depositions, pre-trial discovery, and court hearings by negotiating a confidential, six-figure settlement.

Customer Falls Due To Lack Of Handrail

Angela, age 73, slipped on a wet step outside of a clothing store in the parking lot of a local strip shopping center. In violation of building codes, the step did not have a handrail. Angela fell hard, fracturing her kneecap and shoulder. Ed Weiner and Mike Brown negotiated a confidential settlement from the property ownership company on Angela’s behalf.

Confidential Settlement
Breach In The Standard Of Care Results In Nursing Home Injury

Eunice was 85 years old and was still doing crossword puzzles on most days. After several falls and broken bones, however, she realized that she was unable to care for herself and moved into a nursing home near her daughter. While Eunice was recovering from a broken hip, an aide was assisting her on a short walk in the hall. Eunice used a walker. She should have been supported by a gait belt, but, instead, the aide walked behind her to give support. When Eunice fell, the aide was unable to break her fall. Eunice re-fractured her hip and broke her collarbone. The aide’s actions did not meet the standard of care for someone with Eunice’s physical condition. Ed Weiner negotiated a significant, confidential settlement on Eunice’s behalf.

Confidential Settlement
Car Struck By An 18-Wheeler On I-81

Cara was driving on I-81 when a loaded tractor-trailer crossed into her lane and struck her car. The truck ripped off the hood of Cara’s car and pushed the car into the median wall. Cara was knocked unconscious. She suffered a severe concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI) and significant trauma from the crash. Lawson Spivey and Ed Weiner filed Cara’s case in Federal Court. They negotiated a substantial, confidential settlement was reached with the commercial trucking company on Cara’s behalf.

Confidential Settlement
Woman Killed by Snowplow In Parking Lot

George and Alice had been married for 52 years. Alice was a social worker, preparing to join George in retirement. Their life was filled with social activities and vacations to visit their grandchildren. Alice and George had purchased tickets to travel for several months upon Alice’s retirement. Before traveling extensively, Alice and her doctor agreed that her having a hysterectomy and a “bladder lift” would reduce the pain, bleeding, and incontinence that Alice was experiencing. Her surgery was performed at a major hospital in Washington, D.C. A post-surgical complication was mishandled by medical personnel, leading to Alice’s death. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller filed a lawsuit on George’s behalf and eventually negotiated a confidential settlement in the mid-six figures.

Confidential Settlement
Woman Killed By Snowplow In Parking Lot

Sally had just found a perfect birthday gift for a family friend. As she left the store and entered the crosswalk to her car in the shopping mall parking lot, she was struck and run over by a snowplow. The snowplow driver was cutting across the lot to meet up with other drivers for lunch in advance of the snow starting. Thinking that he had hit a shopping cart, the driver backed up and ran over Sally once again. Sally died before EMS arrived. Sally’s “estate” (her husband and two young children) brought a lawsuit against the snowplow company. Ed Weiner mediated the case and negotiated a confidential, mid-seven figure settlement on behalf of Sally’s family.

Woman Dies After Medical Personnel Mishandle Post-Surgical Complication

George and Alice had been married for 52 years. Alice was a social worker, preparing to join George in retirement. Their life was filled with social activities and vacations to visit their grandchildren. Alice and George had purchased tickets to travel for several months upon Alice’s retirement. Before traveling extensively, Alice and her doctor agreed that her having a hysterectomy and a “bladder lift” would reduce the pain, bleeding, and incontinence that Alice was experiencing. Her surgery was performed at a major hospital in Washington, D.C. A post-surgical complication was mishandled by medical personnel, leading to Alice’s death. Ed Weiner and Gene Miller filed a lawsuit on George’s behalf and eventually negotiated a confidential settlement in the mid-six figures.

Rideshare Vehicle On Cruise Control Crashes Into Vehicle At Toll Plaza

Marie arrived from overseas to Washington, D.C. for a 5-day government conference. A 28-year-old married mother of two, she was thrilled to see our nation’s capital and delighted to see family members here in the States. After a happy reunion at an uncle’s home, a group of relatives offered to drive Marie back to her hotel. At and an unfamiliar toll plaza on the Dulles Toll Road, they slowed down to be sure that they were in the correct lane. Unfortunately, a rideshare vehicle, its speed set to cruise control, was right behind them. The crash was tremendous. The 7 people in Marie’s car and the 6 people in the rideshare all sustained injuries. Marie’s were the worst: badly displaced fractures of her femur and collar bone; a concussion; and an injury to the nerves in her right eye, which has left her permanently unable to focus. Gene Miller and Ed Weiner successfully mediated a confidential settlement in the upper six figures for Marie and separate settlements for each of her injured family members.