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Taking Your Eyes Off The Road Can Cause Devastating Accidents

Distracted driving is a leading cause of serious motor vehicle accidents throughout the country. Around 3,000 people die annually from preventable accidents caused by distracted drivers. Thousands more suffer serious and life-changing injuries. If you are the victim of a distracted driver, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Weiner, Spivey & Miller, PLC in Fairfax have more than 190 years of combined experience advocating for those injured by distracted drivers. We have helped our clients obtain substantial settlements to help them move forward.

From Texting To Eating Breakfast, Distracted Driving Takes Many Forms

As handheld and in-vehicle technology advances, drivers are finding more and more ways to get distracted while on the road. Whether searching for the perfect playlist or looking up directions, it is easy to lose focus on the road in front of you. If caught texting and driving in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., you may face a traffic ticket and a hefty fine. Even worse, a texter may cause a serious accident.

While anything can distract you while driving, it often includes:

  • Changing music or radio stations
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting, scrolling or using a mobile device
  • Looking up directions
  • Children in the back of the car
  • Reaching for something
  • Putting on makeup or brushing your hair
  • Eating or drinking

Anytime your hands are off your steering wheel, or your eyes are no longer focused on the road, you are driving while distracted. We all know how easy it is to lose focus momentarily. However, if an accident occurs, the distracted driver should be held accountable for the injuries they caused.

If a distracted driver injures you, our attorneys will help you investigate your accident to determine what caused it and prove liability. Working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve.

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Helping Distracted Driving Victims Get The Help They Need

If a distracted driver caused your accident, don’t wait to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Weiner, Spivey & Miller, PLC. With two senior lawyers who each have over 40 years of experience, you can trust that our skilled negotiators and seasoned litigators will help you get the compensation you need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 703-273-9500 or fill out an online contact form.